About Us

The name Zebaqi is derived from a type of thread which is used to weave a special kind of fabric. The origin of the brand took from the cultivating valley of Hunza which is the reason why most of our outfits are named after the fascinating valleys in Hunza.

 Zebaqi is a women’s formal clothing brand presenting designs of elegance and sophistication with luxurious and synthetic fabrics. With the experience in the international designing business, Fatima Abbas showcases her designer roots and bring you the valley of Hunza through her exotic and luxurious ethnic designs in order to bring flair and elegance to the women’s boutique market.

Our Mission

The mission of Zebaqi is to bring the colors and joys of the beautiful and exotic valley of Hunza to life through their attires. We modernize the luxurious styles into a more sophisticated and elegant look with synthetic fabrics of the finest qualities.

Our Vision

Zebaqi’s vision is to spread out their elegant and exquisite designs nationwide and soon to globalize their synthetic fabric formals. Zebaqi wants to craft designs that define a story with every outfit and describe a beautiful journey through their attires that can be felt whiling travelling through the captivating valley of Hunza.

Our Aim

Zebaqi’s aim is to provide its patrons the finest products and build a trust bridge to ensure customer satisfaction. We are strongly committed on pleasing our customers with our exquisite and glamorous collections